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  • Choosing the Right VIEWPixx

    VPixx manufactures three models of CRT replacement monitors: The VIEWPixx, the VIEWPixx /3D, and the VIEWPixx /EEG. If you are wondering about the differences between these models, and which one is best suited to your research goals, this guide is for you. 

    We will start with an introduction to some of the general features of our CRT replacement monitors, including the display characteristics, temporal response profile, and data I/O and synchronization features. We will end with a side-by-side comparison of the three displays and a brief summary of their strengths and intended use.

    This guide serves as a broad overview of features and functionality. For full technical specifications of the three displays, click on the images below to view their detailed product pages and datasheets.

    Technical questions can also be directed to our team of staff scientists (scientist@vpixx.com), who are happy to provide one-on-one consultation about your research needs. 

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