High Bit Depth Video Modes

Our high bit depth modes can be used with: 

Some of our specialty modes have already been showcased in our virtual talks and MATLAB demo library. This VOCAL series is intended to complement those resources, introducing the concept of bit depth and colour lookup tables, explaining the general principles of each mode, and offering code examples and tips.

bpc, or bits per colour, refers to the number of bit planes available for a given display. While in most cases our software supports up to 16 bpc, the display hardware itself imposes a physical limit on what can be shown. When a display with maximum 10 bpc receives a 16 bit per colour signal, the 6 least significant bit planes are ignored and a 10 bpc image is presented.

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If you have any questions about our high bit depth modes or this VOCAL series, you can always reach out to our team of trained vision scientists at scientist@vpixx.com