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Welcome to your go-to destination for mastering VPixx products! 🌟 VOCAL is our curated library of high-level guides, written by our team of staff scientists, to aid in your understanding of our hardware and software tools. Whether you're a seasoned VPixx user or just curious about our products, these guides will help you get the most out of our research displays, eye tracking systems and data acquisition systems.

Learn about integrating our tools in Python and PsychoPy; discover the underlying logic of Register Writing and Updating; understand how to send automated TTL triggers with Pixel Mode, and more! Our guides are designed to address key hardware and software concepts in a clear and accessible way. Our goal is to help you understand the core mechanics of our systems, so you can use them efficiently to advance your world-class research. We provide practical examples and code snippets throughout to get you started.

Of course, the research landscape is vast and you may have specific product questions or challenges not covered by these guides. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can contact our excellent technical support staff at support@vpixx.com, or post in our community forums! Our team will be happy to assist you.


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